The practice is fully computerized. All data, including photos, is gathered in a database which is easily accessed by the patients. The data can be copied on a CD and DVD, sent by postal office or emailed to a patient.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera gives the doctor the possibility of diagnosing the pathological conditions while still in their early stage. A captured image is enlarged up to 60 times and is shown to a patient on the computer screen. In this way the dentist and the patient establish direct visual communication while making the diagnosis and defining the work that needs to be done.

Digital radiovisiography (RVG)

The practice is equipped with the modern system of digital radiovisiography Kodak rvg 6100 which enables a complete diagnostic. The image is instantly projected on an LCD screen and can be easily edited with the help of a specialized software (root canal length measuring, the measuring of the bone and tooth tissue density, microscoping a specific part of an image, 3D analysis…) With the usage of a digital sensor, the radiation dose is about 90% less when compared to traditional radiographs.

Microscope lenses

In all the treatments we utilize microscope lenses with 2.5x magnification which open an entirely new world of dentistry. With the magnification of the vision field, the invisible parts of a tooth have now become easily accessible, the treatment lasts shorter and the result is guaranteed.

Endometar, mechanical endodontics

Endometer is an electronic device for accurate and fast measurement of the root canal length during an endodontic treatment. The device enables the measurement of the canal in the tip of the root with a 0,1mm precision. Mechanical endodontics (ProTaper) enables fast and precise chemical and mechanical enlargement and cleaning of the root canal and prepares it for a three-dimensional filling.

One step touch’n’heat

The canal is filled with a warm gutta percha which guarantees the hermetic root sealing and prevents bacterial penetration. With the one – step technique the treatment is simpler and shorter.

Intraoral sandblaster

Intraoral sandblaster is used for fast and painless pigmentation cleaning with lemon flavoured fine sand.


Our practice explicitly takes care of the disinfection and sterilisation of the instruments and work surfaces. We use dry temperature sterilisation and steam autoclaving. In this way working with sterilised instruments is ensured. All disposable materials and instruments are discharged. We use a new set of instruments for each patient.