BIOTECK is the reputable manufacturer of the bone substance of animal origin (PERIOGLAS). This is a bioactive synthetic powder material that has the purpose of regenerating the bone and periodontium. It is biocompatible which means that there is no danger of rejecting it. These products are the result of a long term research and have a vast area of application.

Indication: • postextraction defects • guided tissue regeneration • guided bone regeneration


Ribbond are fibres strengthened with composite, the usage of which has offered new possibilities of dental care and of making certain types of prosthesis in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, such as treating periodontally loosened teeth. It is a special group of materials made of organic matrix with a filling in which special fibres are placed. Ribbon fibres are polietilenic fibres with high molecular mass and extremely high coefficient of elasticity, which means high resistance to stretching and distortion (Ribbond, Scotle, USA).